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The free app for your Sport life

With your sport clubs or your friends, with public or private groups, organize your sport life the way you want.

Our concept
An app that brings together all the sport stakeholders to simplify its organization and access.
Our solution
Organization accessible to all and access to sports activities. Rental optimization and reduction of rental blows
Sportunity in a few figures:
Managed Activities
Active groups
Connected venues
Connected devices
Our goal
Ease sport access for all thanks to a network of connected venues.

Accessible to everyone

No more badges or concierge. Everyone can organize or participate in activities by taking control of connected devices (doors, lights, lockers, etc.)


Venues maintenance and management are fully automated allowing flexible operation 24/7

Simplified organization

Clubs, companies or local individuals can, from our application, book slots and organize various activities such as simple activities or games, championships and tournaments.

A unique experience

Anyone can become an organizer to fit everyone's sport expectations. Take advantage of our networks of connected venues, coaches and communities to ease your sport organization.

Sport the way you like it
Find your team
Join your team with a secret code or a link and instantly access your trainings and competitions schedule but also your membership and administrative forms.
Join communities
Browse through public groups around you which fit your sport expectation in term of location, level, sport type to join their sport activities.
Find activities around you
Discover public activities in your surrounding and book them with no constraint and zero commitment.
Become an organizer
Raise your community
Create and manage groups who are willing to practice sport with the same expectations.
Foster tailor-made activities for your community
Your members and you can simply organize activities which fit your group expectation. Optionally, take advantage of our network of sport fields, coaches and equipment and split the cost.
Organise activities with public communities
Find spare participants for your activities by taking advantage of relevant public groups around your activity.
Create additional profiles that you need
They talk about us
VincentMountain enthusiast
I have built a community of over 100 persons on Sportunity. Everyone organizes mountain activities from hiking or alpinism, to icefalls. I have never been in search of a climbing partner again.
GabrielOccasional surfer
Thanks to Sportunity, I get to meet a lot of nice people and discover new sports, while proposing activities in my favorite sports to find people with expectations and sport levels that are similar to mine.
AlessandroSport addict
I love sports. Sportunity is the only application which allows me to manage my sports life with my 3 clubs and to organize or find activities during the weekends, all at the same time.
VictoriaOccasional Inline Hockey player
I have difficult and variable working hours. Sport in a club is therefore impossible. Now that I use Sportunity, I can find opportunities to play as a goalkeeper or a player in teams which are missing players.