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Challenge a team - 5x5 football Lausanne

Our new "Challenge a team" competition allows all teams in the region to register, organise or participate in a friendly match in a few clicks.

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With the Sportunity mobile application, you can easily create your team, register in a team pool and organise friendly matches with other teams.

The matches last 1 hour with the possibility to hire a referee directly on the application. The number of players on the field is 5 and a maximum of 2 substitutes are allowed.

With an automatically generated ranking system on the mobile application, we want to allow teams to compete against teams of their own level. This way, every win and loss will move your team up or down in the ranking.

How do I do it?

1. Organise the match yourself and propose it to the team pool

2. Accept an invitation from a team that has organized a match and proposed it to the team pool.

How much does it cost?

Registration for the application and the team group is completely free. It is only when organizing friendly matches that fees are charged.

The amount is equivalent to a classic pitch rental that the 2 teams share.


More details on how to register by clicking here.

Or by phone at 021 323 29 29