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Birhday cakes for kids birthday offer ( 35CHF/kid)

Our birthday cakes!

We are delighted to offer you quality and customizable cakes in partnership with 'Cerise sur le cake'

In the offer at 35CHF/child (including birthday cake(s), you have the choice:

Votre image.png

1. The color of the cake:

a. Blue - b. Green - c. Red - d. Orange - e. Pink - f. yellow

2. Soft cookies:

a. Nature b. Vanilla c. Chocolate d. Coco e. Carrot f. Hazelnut

3. The cream put inside:

a. Vanilla b. White/Brown/Black Chocolate c. Lemon d. Red fruits e. Exotic fruits. f.Coffee g. Speculos h. Ovomaltine i. Dulche di Leche j. Coco k. Hazelnut/Almond Praline

4. Your picture on the cake

For an additional 20CHF, it is possible to post a photo chosen by you


Votre image (3).png