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Indoor soccer for kids!

We offer soccer camps for children at the Sportunity hall.

This article is updated regularly to give you details of upcoming soccer camps/activities!

Our 2000m2 sports hall offers 3x3 basketball courts with the latest generation parquet!

The idea is to allow soccer activities for all children, for all levels and desires: leisure, competition, discovery, everything is possible!


You can do different things into our sport center through our application

> Download the app and create a parent profile

Ios: it's here

Android: it's this way

> Register your children into Kids' halle group; easily find the soccer ball activities organized in our center

Kids group

Once the group joins, you will find all the soccer activities, in the 'Activities' tab, with the filter: All my activities selected. You can then choose the activity/camp of your choice and register your child

We also have the Lausanne Sport that organised some activities, you can register you children into this group as well: here

> You can also book a timeslot to organize your own activities with your children:

Go to our application in the 'Slot' tab and filter by sport, time, day to find the time slot you want. Then you can book it directly on the app. An activity will be automatically created, you will find it in the "Activities" tab

> Organize a birthday party!

It is possible to organize soccer birthdays at the Halle, all the information here:

Birthday offers at the Halle Sportunity

For all questions:

Call us: 021 323 29 29

Whatsapp support: 076 265 33 11