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Dance studio with free access

La Halle Sportunity offers you a dance studio with a floor specially designed for an exceptional experience, whether for dance or yoga.

Freely book the 1H studio, or join activities organized in the studio with our partner teachers: Yoga, rock'n'roll, zumba, pilates, urbankiz, oriental dance, freestyle hiphop...

The Halle Sportunity is a multi-sports complex, including a dance studio. This center, and therefore the studio, are fully linked to our mobile application.

All our proposed activities, in the studio (as the room, the football and basketball courts) are without any commitment, you pay per session, and come when you can

On our app, you can either book a slot in the studio and organize your own activity, or participate in the activities organized in our studio.

All activity organizers in the studio will be able to: manage light, brightness, ventilation, music, access to doors via the application thanks to our connected objects.

To rent the studio or book an activity organized in the studio:

1. Download the app and create a profile
Ios: it's here
Android: it's over there

2. Find the studio slots in the SLOTS tab

You can filter by sport/time/day or other to see only the studio slots according to your availability.

3. If you want to see the studio's activities, you can find them in the ACTIVITIES tab, with the 'Around me' filter selected (and a location in Lausanne)

4. Join communities, which will fill your feed with sports activities

In the ACTIVITIES tab, once you join a group, you will see the activities generated by this group appear, with the filter 'My activities'

Here are the communities to join relevant to the studio:

Hall Dancers

Yoggis' Hall