The only free app to manage your sport life

With your sport clubs or your friends, with a public or private community, organize your sport life the way you want with Sportunity

A unique application to manage sport everyone’s sport expectation


Manage your sport life with friends and clubs

Join or create sport communities

Organize/Find open access activities

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Clubs and federations

Manage your teams, members and coaches

Set up your season in a few minutes

Manage your yearly fee and administrative tasks management

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Motivate your employees to practice sport

Have your employees organizing sport activities

Yearly fee and administrative tasks management

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Distribute easier your time slots

Optimize the cancelled and unused time slots

Organize access free activities

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Manage your venues and clubs

Organize sport activities for your population

Let your population take advantage of your venues

Doing sport has never been that easy:

Your activities

Find activities organized by your community : your club, your friends, your colleagues..


Filter and book open access activities around you


Create activites (public or private, free or premium) and invite your community


Join or create public sport communities of amateur athletes


Easy communications, message the whole group or just a few people


A game is canceled ? an activity postponed ? Stay informed in the most efficient way

Understand the application as a club, a company or a sport venue

Your sport communities within an easy reach

  • Find your club, friends into private communities
  • Create or join public communities that match with you
  • Give your availabilities to your communities
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